Being efficient on social media takes massive amounts of effort and attention to details. We are experts at branding and together with your goals in mind we can create the social footprint your business deserves by employing advanced social engineering tactics that drive people straight into your brand. We have vast experience on all social platforms and we will turn your followers into raving fans.


Regardless of the plan you pick, all of the perks listed below are included at no additional charge!

  • ​Profile: Settings overview and recommendations. (if necessary).
  • Posting: 3 to 7+ times per week depending on your package.
  • Reporting: Stats reports detailing the results of your organic and paid reach and overall platform performance.
  • Brand Specialist: A member of our team becomes your dedicated social media manager that works directly with you and your brand to help you grow!


“Aaron has helped our business grow so much this year! He is a passionate, creative and hard worker who will always have your back. The content that he creates for us each month is thoughtful and engaging for our customers, and he does an awesome job highlighting our products and their features. His knowledge and expertise on media and online marketing has been a great asset to our team. I would recommend Aaron to anyone who wants to take the social media and marketing to the next level.”

Do I Have To Provide You Anything?

Product and service photos and videos are always helpful. If you’re local to us we offer actual content creation services as an optional add-on. Meaning we can come out and take photos and videos of your facility, staff, workflow, etc. As far as social media content goes, these things are good to sprinkle in from time to time but are not required. So no, you don’t have to provide anything, but it would be helpful for your business. Typically we can get everything we need from your website.

Can I See The Posts Before You Make Them?

Yes, we normally stay scheduled out roughly 2 weeks in advance on any platforms we can schedule posts on. This gives you the ability to go in and see what’s in the queue before it goes out.

When And How Do I Have To Pay?

The first payment will be processed upon signing up with us. From there it will be a recurring payment every month based on that date. We use subscriptions to automate the process and keep things simplified for you.

Do I Have To Setup My Social Media Platforms?

While most clients come to us and have some of them already established, we include the setup of your accounts and settings. We know you don’t have all kinds of time to mess with social media on top of running your business so we are happy to do this for you for a small fee. However, if you want to do it yourself we can always guide you through the process at no additional cost.

What Will You Be Posting?

With us, you get a brand specialist who will be working directly with you to understand your vision. We will post things that align with those values utilizing what’s known as the 80/20 rule. Roughly 80% of your social content will be value-driven for generating good engagement, and roughly 20% will be advertising your products, services, or events. We post a wide variety of content styles such as branded photos, memes, videos, polls, and more. We try to maintain a good mixture.

How Frequently Will You Post?

A lot of our competitors will flood your pages with posts but underperform in the quality department. This hurts you more than helps you. While freqency is important on social media, we feel quality performs better so we focus on high quality posts and keep that consistency across all platforms. We post 3-5 times per week, but more is always an option if you want it, Just ask us!

Can I Cancel My Subscription Anytime?

We can’t imagine you’d want to but yes, however, we do ask that you give us at least a 2-week heads up due to the fact that we prepare all of your content in advance.

Can We Meet In Person?

Certainly! We love meeting with our clients. We are located in Kingsport, TN so if you’re ever in the Tri-Cities area we would be happy to link up with you. You can also schedule a time to come meet with us at our office anytime.

Focus On What You Love
You’re a business owner. We know there are more important things you need to be doing to grow your business other than managing social media profiles. We provide complete hands-free social media management so you can do just that!
Need Custom Options?
Social Advertising, Influencer Marketing, Blogging, Videography, Digital Info Product Building, Email Marketing, Affordable Photography and More! Combining Some of These Services With Your Social Media Strategy Will Dramatically Impact Your Business In Big Ways.

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